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OYLA is a print magazine for STEM learning
OYLA is a popular science magazine for young readers (12+) and their families. Every issue offers a look into world-changing discoveries, unsolved problems, and the surprising scientific principles behind everyday objects.
Well, here's our answer.
Why are we publishing yet another print magazine?
Reading vs watching
Reading is the most efficient way of learning new information. When we say "the most efficient," we don't necessarily mean the easiest or the fastest — we refer to how much information you absorb relative to the total content consumed. To understand this idea better, consider the following example. When you watch a video, you may feel like you understand its main argument perfectly well. But in most cases, you'll struggle to remember it later. This happens because you're passively consuming the video's content without making the conscious effort to integrate the information and create new knowledge. In other words, your attention is drawn to the words and images but not to the ideas they're supposed to represent. By contrast, the unique format of our magazine sparks the imagination and delivers complex ideas clearly, efficiently, and without any unnecessary distractions.
Paper vs iPad
What was the last thing you did on your phone? Was it checking your messenger or scrolling social media feeds? The constant flow of notifications and pop-ups train us to feel like we're constantly missing out on something important. In fact, there is an entire industry fighting for your attention via your gadget's screen, and it's probably winning. But there is a chance of resisting it! Our magazine is a learning space free of pop-ups and ads, and it doesn't have to be plugged in or recharged. You can take it anywhere you want, and it's yours for life.
OYLA vs others
Here are just a few things:
- No ads
- High-quality content
- Accessibility

You may think that these features on their own are nothing special, but we're offering the complete package: 100 pages of science knowledge, colorful graphics, and engaging activities with no ads or distractions.

And this is why we're publishing "another" print magazine — there's really nothing
like it!
OYLA is suitable for all ages and genders. We believe in empowering our young readers to ask questions about the world around them and make their own scientific discoveries.
OYLA's mission
Free delivery
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100 pages per issue
STEM subjects
What our readers say about us
Simona Bezman
comment from Facebook
We just received our first issue and we are VERY impressed with the quality and the content! My daughter is almost 12 and she is interested in the topics covered in the issue. I quickly looked through the magazine and I'm interested in reading it as well. Thank you Oyla for such a quick delivery (I placed an order on 11/27) Already looking forward to the next issue 😀
Sonja Soderlund
comment from Facebook
Just got our first issue and my son is LOVING it. Thanks for creating such a high quality science magazine for older kids.
Erik Ickes
comment from Facebook
We just subscribed to OYLA Magazine and our first one arrived yesterday. It's VERY cool. Spent the whole morning talking with Gwen about fractals, where you see them in nature, and how to make them yourself - and we're only a few pages in. It has simple examples and descriptions for the kiddos and then deeper explanations if the parents or kids want to dive in deeper. It was expensive, but its thick and packed tight. Not a lot of empty space, and no ads.

Did you know trees are fractals? I knew about broccoli and nautilus shells but we just read this in Oyla: "DaVinci discovered that all the branches of a tree at every stage of its height when put together are equal in thickness to the trunk." So if you fold up branches into the trunk, the trunk would be the same thickness from ground to top.
Kathy Billings Massing
comment from Facebook
My sons received their first issue as a gift and they loved it and I was really impressed. Engaging and challenging concepts. My oldest (11) read it cover to cover and then again the next day.
Linda Shipley
comment from Facebook
We just received a subscription for a gift and my science-obsessed kids love it! I am really impressed with the range of subjects and the articles aren't dumbed down! Highly recommend!
Isabel Farquharson-Howell
comment from Facebook
Brilliant magazine for any kid, or adult, who has any interest in the world outside their door!
Jenny Gale
comment from Facebook
We've just received our first issue. It's a great magazine, full of so many interesting articles. The whole family have dipped into it so far and my twelve year old son has asked me to keep subscribing (we're doing the three month at the moment to test it out) as he loves it.
Mod Harris
comment from Facebook
Such a fantastic magazine, we all love it in our house!
Tracey Anne Canham
comment from Facebook
I have just subscribed for my 9 year old. It says 12+ but the magazine's are so fascinating I read them and then relay the information back to him in a slightly easier to understand way. I home educate, so these magazines are going to be used to plan lessons and as an interest spark. They are great!
Why are we committed to keeping our magazine ad-free?

That's a good question! In any other magazine, advertisements can take up 30-60% of all page space. We stand by our decision, which is based on the very values we want to empower our readers with: critical thinking and creative problem solving.

OYLA is the print magazine equivalent of ad-free streaming. We've cut out the noise so you and your kids can focus on the good stuff.

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